The energy transition has already started


In the production of electricity, renewable sources are already competitive with fossil fuels

innovative production of energy accumulators for sustainable mobility and massive storage.

About Us

NEMESYS is an Innovative Start-up founded at the end of December 2015, which from April 2016 filed a patent for the production of energy accumulators for sustainable mobility and massive storage, able to be recharged, as well as with normal battery chargers for electric cars, even via direct low pressure hydrogen injection, much faster.

NEMESYS therefore proposes to eliminate on the market the current barriers to the spread of zero-emission electric vehicles, consisting of long recharging times of electric vehicle batteries and the lack and cost of hydrogen distribution infrastructures, which currently prevent the spread on the market of cars equipped with fuel-cell.

The technology developed by NEMESYS finally opens the way to fully overcoming the era of fossil fuels both in transport and in the production of electricity for mobile and stationary uses.

We invite you to touch the future firsthand, in our laboratories at the Technological Incubator of Pontedera, where we will be able to develop together the Hydrogen-air battery for all your specific industrial needs.

Do you want to collaborate with us or access our technology?

About us


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